Patriotic Pride or Just plain Economical Stupidity

A recent article in a French newspaper, regarding the call by the French MP, Philippe Martin to boycott Californian wine in retaliation to the States ban of sale of foie gras, caught my eye.
Philippe Martin, the president of Gers Departmental Council, called for all restaurants and shops in France to stop selling Napa Valley wines, until the ban, passed by then Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is repealed.
I personally, would find it interesting if California called for restaurants and shops in the USA to stop selling French wines. I believe this would bring a new meaning and dimension to the phrase ‘Shoot you in the Foot’
The USA is one of France’s largest buyers of wine and brings France an enormous amount of income from Americans visiting France each and every year.
Has Mr Martin forgot or is he ignorant of the fact that it was Californian Vine Stocks that saved French vines from a certain Death?
It would serve Philippe Martin well if he reflected that the Governor of California was democratically elected and I am sure it was a decision made through a democratic process.
I also do know that if Californians want to buy Foie Gras they can find a way to do so.
I find this call laughable and short-sighted, probably a politician who needs to revive his political career at any cost. More importantly he has no sense of diplomacy.
Most foie gras sold in the USA is produced there, and if he is concerned by the image of the product, he may want to look closer to home, as here in Europe the consumption of the product is dropping, as is wine sales. This is due to the younger population who are looking for something new and are pulling away from the traditional dishes and wines.
Has Mr Martin forgotten the catastrophical consequences by a Presidential Candidate, and where it got him when he targeted McDonald’s. It ended his Presidential campaign. McDonalds now boasts France as one of its prime locations and provides thousands of French with secure jobs in all sectors of the Food Industry.
I have witnessed the old foie gras farming methods and can understand the concerns of those who will not eat it, and yes the rogue farmers are still out there.
However, France can be proud of how far it has come to ensure and enforce proper farming methods are practised as laid down by EU laws, Philippe Martin would do the industry a favour by promoting this picture to the world, rather than bite off the hand that feeds you, and act as a ‘Crusader’ for the French foie gras industry.

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